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Trailmaster Blazer 200R Mid size Kart with Reverse

Trailmaster Blazer 200R Mid size Kart with Reverse

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Buckle up for the ride of a lifetime with the Trailmaster Blazer 200R - the go-kart that takes the excitement to a whole new level!


This remarkable kart offers all the fantastic features of the renowned Mid XRX-R, but with a splash of adrenaline-pumping style. If you're on the hunt for top-ranking go karts for sale, this one's an absolute winner.

What sets the Trailmaster Blazer 200R apart are its jaw-dropping extreme graphics and striking body plastics that are bound to leave your little ones wide-eyed with wonder. They won't just ride; they'll make a statement on the track, with a kart that's as cool as it is thrilling.

As parents, you want the best for your children, and the Trailmaster Blazer 200R delivers on that promise. With the same impressive 6.5hp engine, electric start, adjustable driver's seat, and rock-solid safety features, you can rest easy while your young daredevils experience the thrill of a lifetime.

Don't wait another minute to make your kids' dreams come true. Choose the Trailmaster Blazer 200R and watch as they ignite their passion for adventure, speed, and excitement. Take the first step in creating unforgettable memories with a kart that stands out from the rest. Get ready to experience the ultimate thrill - order the Trailmaster Blazer 200R now, and let the adventures begin!



This unit will arrive to your address unassembled in a crate. You will need basic tools and some mechanic skills to put the kart together. The assembly process includes installing the roll cage, wheels and tires, steering wheel and seats. All of the engine, drive train, electrical harnesses, etc are already installed. 


When you place your order, it can take 24-48 hours for your funds to be released. This is for fraud prevention and gives the banking institutions time to flag any fraudulent charges. After the funds are released, the freight is scheduled for your go kart. All go karts ship from the kart warehouse in  Dallas, Texas. When the freight company issues a tracing number, we will send a welcome email with the tracing number and details. Most karts are in transit for about 3-6 days. 


When your kart arrives at your address, it will be on a semi. The truck driver will have a lift gate to get your kart out of the truck. You will be responsible for moving the kart around, assembling it, or making arrangements if your address is not accessible to semi trucks.

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