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Welcome to Victory Powersports, your premier destination for all things related to Trailmaster Go Karts. Founded by us (Scott and Kim, who began their journey in the powersports industry as teenagers), our company is built on a foundation of passion, experience, and the love for family adventures. With five kids of our own, we understand the value of quality family time, and that's why we are so dedicated to sharing the joy of go karts with you.

At Victory Powersports, we've harnessed our decades of expertise in the powersports industry to curate a selection of high-quality go-karts that are sure to ignite your sense of adventure. We're not just another online retailer that slaps up some stock photos on a website and doesn't know anything about the product. We actually have hands on experience with these kart because we sell them in our showroom in Sioux Falls, SD.  Let us be your trusted go-to source for all your go-kart needs.


Formerly, our team are experts!

Why choose Victory Powersports?


Our extensive service experience!  We  have been immersed in the powersports world for a lifetime. Scott get up riding motocross and Kim is the 3rd generation in her family to work in the powersports industry. We have been doing this our whole lives!

Our profound understanding of the go karts, particularly buying them online, is your assurance that you're dealing with experts who know our products inside out. You can call for advice, get technical specs, and rely on excellent parts service when you trust Victory!

Victory is all about family! We know the importance of creating lasting memories with your loved ones. Our go-karts are designed to provide a thrilling and safe experience for the entire family. A new go kart is an excellent tool to get out of the house, get an adrenaline rush and build connections with your friends and family. Stories of your go kart adventures will be told for years to come!

We sell the very BEST go karts! When you browse our online store, you'll discover a diverse range of go-karts models from Trailmaster. Oour family was one of the very first Trailmaster dealers in the states nearly 20 years ago, and we stand behind their products 100%. We take pride in offering only the best; thankfully Trailmaster offers a wide variety of karts, minibikes, UTVs and more to suit your specific needs, whether it's for recreational fun or farm work.

Although we have a brick and mortar shop with a go kart showroom, our type of business is very hard to find in most places. With the advent of online go kart sites that can drop ship from the manufacturer, a lot of dealerships have closed down. This has allowed even more sites to pop up on the internet, as people have no choice but to buy online. We do our very best to give you the same amazing experience on our website that you would receive here in person at our shop. Buying a go-kart online has never been easier, but it's still a big purchase and you may be hesitant to submit that payment. Give us a call and ask all of your important questions before you risk purchasing a kart online. We challenge you to call all of our competitors as well. Few will provide quality service, and even fewer will have expertise on the karts.


We offer the best prices possible with FREE shipping to most states. But if you're in the upper midwest, you can always take the drive to Sioux Falls and check out our showroom inventory.  Our prices will be quite different from the online prices, but keep in mind that we provide a lot of services for in store purchases. If you buy from our showroom, we have already handled all of the shipping, dealt with freight lines, uncrated the kart, provided expert assembly, serviced the kart and performed a detailed inspection. We will help you load you kart up, or even deliver it if you live around Sioux Falls. Around Christmas time, we also offer a Christmas layaway, where we will store your kart absolutely free through Christmas Eve so you don't have to worry about hiding such a big gift from the kids! You can also check out multiple models and try on helmets in our store. 


You can also check out our parts warehouse, giving you confidence that we can take good care of you after the sale! We stock 90% of the parts for all of our go karts: the only things we don't keep on the shelves are the engines and roll cages. 

 Trailmaster Go Karts for sale at Victory Powersports, the new GokartMasters

Whether you're a seasoned go-kart enthusiast or a first-time buyer, Victory Powersports is the trusted source to fulfill your powersports dreams. With our personal touch and commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, you can embark on your go-kart journey with confidence.

Join the Victory Powersports family today, and experience the thrill and excitement that only a go-kart can provide. It's time to create unforgettable memories and share in the joy of adventure with your loved ones. Make Victory Powersports your go-to destination for all your go-kart needs.


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