Are TrailMaster go-karts made in China?
Yes. However, there are different qualities of products from China. TrailMaster is the leading go-kart brand and their quality is industry-leading. Many brands use inferior components and parts are not readily available. American go kart companies have been out of business for several years.


Why buy from Victory Powersports?

  1. Call our phone number. 605-368-1246. You can talk to real life experts that will guide you through the whole process. We love talking to our customers and helping start a new adventure.
  2. Most go-kart dealers only sell seasonally - We have a brick and mortar Go Kart store in South Dakota, so we are available year round!
  3. We have an exhaustive parts inventory for all of the go karts that we sell.
  4. We have more experience than other sellers- we are a  3rd generation go kart dealer, with a combined 30+ years with Trailmaster specifically.
  5. Most dealers carry ALL the different models. Too many choices is not always a good thing. We've curated our selection to offer the highest performing, best selling, and most cost efficient machines. 
  6. Other online retailers carry every brand know to man. We only sell TrailMaster. #1 Go-Kart Brand!!!
  7. A lot of online retailers are simply brokers that are new to the industry. We were involved in one of the very first Trailmaster dealerships in the USA and we truly know the brand inside and out.
  8. Most online retailers have rarely seen the go karts and don't know the difference between the different models. We can quickly and easily help you differentiate.
  9. We only sell what we would buy and have personally bought. Our own children ride these go karts and we wouldn't dream of buying another brand.
  10. Our assembly instructions are hands down the best in the industry. FREE with purchase of a go-kart. Just check out our personal YouTube channel to get a taste of our expertise! Find it at https://www.youtube.com/@PlainlifePreacher
  11. Our technical support after the sale is the best in the industry with real answers to your questions and issues.
  12. We ship replacement parts fast!!!
  13. Our warranty is unbeatable. Our goal is to keep you on your adventure, and out of the shop. We do our very best to warranty as much as possible, within reason. If you crash your kart or neglect the maintenance, we can't help. But if anything goes wrong in the first year, trust that we'll handle it!

How do I know which model TrailMaster go-kart to buy?
There are three important factors to figuring out which go-kart is best for your needs. Price. Size. Location.

-Price: Everyone has a budget
-Size: Who is going to be riding the go-kart? Kids? Adults? Uncle Leroy?

  • Mini: 3-7 year old
  • Mid: 5-12 year old. Small adult.
  • 150: 10 year old - Adult
  • 300: 10 year old - Adult

Where can I ride my go kart!

  • Mini: yard, gravel driveway, smooth field
  • Mid: yard, gravel driveway, pasture, hills, smooth trails
  • 150: gravel, pasture, terraces, mud, hills, shallow creeks, trails, farms, logging roads, approved ATV & offroad trails

How do I unload my new go-kart once it arrives?
Be prepared for transportation from the freight truck to your garage or from the freight terminal to your truck or trailer. The shipping containers are large and heavy, and you may need help with this process. It is best to bring someone with you to help and not to expect any help from the truck driver. 

Do the go-karts come fully assembled?
No. However, the go-karts are 90% assembled. This unit has been inspected at the factory, but not by anyone at GoKartMasters.com. We strongly recommend that a qualified mechanic perform the setup and all other mechanical operations to keep your product operating properly and safely. If you choose to assemble the vehicle, please be preparedIt is your responsibility to make sure the unit is properly assembled and safe to operate.

What tools will I need to assemble my go-kart?
You will need tools such as metric sockets, wrenches, hammer, cutters, pliers, metric allen wrenches, screwdrivers, engine oil, grease, gasoline, drill, metric taps and dies, etc.  A more detailed list of necessary tools will be provided via email after you receive your purchase confirmation.

Where can I see a new TrailMaster go-kart to take a test drive?
There are still dealers for go-karts around, but they are difficult to find. Most dealers sell go karts as a side line and don't stock very many karts. The best TrailMaster information and videos are here on our website. If you're near Sioux Falls, SD, you can give our partners a call at Southeastern Small Engine via 605-368-1246 or visit their showroom at 46932 Austin st Suite #1, Tea SD 57064

How can I reach a real person?

Email: info@ridewithvps.com

Call or text 605-68-1246