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At Victory Powersports, we understand your concerns, and we're here to ease your worries and guide you through the process of buying a go-kart online with confidence. After all, it's a big purchase to make and the internet can be riddled with scammers. No need for concern, we have plenty of ways to win your trust!

Expert go kart technical support and customer care after every sale

Years of Expert Experience

One of the key reasons to choose Victory Powersports for your online go-kart purchase is our wealth of experience. With years of expertise in the industry, we've fine-tuned the art of delivering top-quality products and exceptional customer service. Our experience means we know the ins and outs of the whole process of buying go karts online, from picking the right models, to ordering online, to dealing with the logistics of shipping. We can walk through every step of purchasing your new go-karts, ensuring that you get the best bang for your buck.

The best customer service for online go kart sales

Superior Customer Service

At Victory Powersports, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. We understand that purchasing an expensive item online can raise concerns, and that's why our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you have questions about our products, need assistance with your purchase, or require support after the sale, we've got your back. You can call and speak to a real person who is knowledgable, friendly, and only wants to see you and your family enjoy the fun of a new go kart! We're not just a company; we're your trusted partner in your  next adventure.




The best Trailmaster go kart warranty, always FREE.


Safe and Easy Online Shopping

We get it; online shopping for big-ticket items can be intimidating. But rest assured, the process with Victory Powersports is safe, secure, and straightforward. Our website is designed to make your online shopping experience as smooth as possible. With a secure checkout process and the trusted name of a Shopify store to back us up, you can relax knowing that our site is legit. Our user-friendly interface and secure payment options provide peace of mind. But if you're still not quite sure, know that you can see our go kart shop in action, in real life and have certainty that we are familiar with these karts because we actually run a successful brick and mortar go kart shop in South Dakota!

Trailmaster Go Karts for sale at Victory Powersports


See Us in Action on YouTube

To further reassure you that we're the real deal, we invite you to check out our YouTube channel. There, you can watch real-life demonstrations of our products, customer reviews, and exciting adventures that our customers have embarked on with their Victory Powersports go-karts. Plus you can enjoy some our vlogs that show most of our team members in our normal, every day life. Seeing is believing, and our videos are a testament to the authenticity of our brand and the satisfaction of our customers.

So, when you're ready to take the plunge and purchase your go-kart online, look no further than Victory Powersports. We're not just a seller; we're your partners in adventure, and we're committed to making your experience the best it can be. Our years of expert experience, top-tier customer service, and the authenticity of our YouTube presence are all here to make you feel confident in your purchase. Let's rev up your adventure together - visit Victory Powersports today and get ready to experience the thrill of a lifetime!


We don't just send you a kart and expect you to know how to assembly.We send detailed instructions, and we have a video tutorial to guide you step by step through the process. here is a sample of One of our guides to show how much support is available:


Easy to follow assembly guides with every purchase

Expert instructions from the Go Kart Masters






Buying a go kart online can offer several advantages, but it's essential to consider your specific needs and circumstances before making a decision. A go kart is a big-ticket item and can feel like a big risk to take by buying over the internet. The fact of the matter is, there just aren't very many go kart dealers in business these days with a brick and mortar store and showroom. Here are some reasons why purchasing a go kart online might be a good option for you: First, purchasing a go kart online provides convenience and accessibility. You can browse a wide selection of go karts from the comfort of your own home, saving you the time and hassle of visiting multiple physical stores.


The Victory Powersports Family enjoying a go kart ride.

Our family loves to ride together! Look how excited all of our kids are to take a ride on this awesome 4 seater buggy!

Convenience: Online shopping allows you to browse and compare a wide range of go-karts from the comfort of your home. You can easily access product information, reviews, and prices without the need to visit multiple physical stores. You won't be limited to one dealership because you can seek out the best option Furthermore, online shopping offers the convenience of making purchases at any time of the day or night, allowing you to shop at your own pace and schedule..


A go kart of all sizes!Variety: Online retailers often have a larger selection of go-karts, including different brands, models, and price ranges. This allows you to find a go-kart that suits your preferences and budget more effectively. Another great benefit is access to experts and brand pages. For example, is exclusively a Trailmaster dealer, which gives us the opportunity to truly be experts on all the Trailmaster go karts and minibikes. We found the best and we're sticking with it.

Trailmaster Go Karts for sale at Victory Powersports

Competitive Prices: Online sellers frequently offer competitive prices and promotions, making it possible to find a go-kart at a lower cost compared to traditional brick-and-mortar stores. You can also use price comparison websites to find the best deals. Not to mention the fact the in-person sales often incurs additional fees and charges. For example, we also have a brick and mortar store in Sioux Falls, SD. When we sell a Trailmaster go kart in person, our prices are considerably higher to cover our shippings costs, expert assembly, the initial service, a general inspection, and all of our documentation fees. When you buy online, even from us, you avoid all of those additional costs.


Reviews and Ratings: Online platforms usually provide customer reviews and ratings for products. Reading these reviews can help you make an informed decision and choose a go-kart that has received positive feedback from other buyers. You'll have to opportunity to vet the business before you decide to buy a go kart online from the website.


Customization Options: Some online retailers may offer customization options for go-karts, allowing you to select specific features, colors, or accessories to meet your needs and preferences. Dealerships don't always have all of the avialable options and upgrades on their showroom because it's a huge expense. Online go kart sellers can offer a massive variety by drop shipping a lot of the upgrades and options and not having their funds tired up.


Home Delivery: Online shopping typically includes home delivery services, saving you the hassle of transporting a go-kart from a physical store to your home. This is especially convenient if you don't have access to a suitable vehicle for transportation. This can be incredibly convenient, but make sure you do your research before you buy a go kart online. It's a good idea to call and get detailed information about the shipping process for each store. Buying a go kart online requires freight shipping, which means logistics, semi trucks, and delivery appointments.


Research Opportunities: Online go cart shopping enables you to conduct thorough research before making a purchase. You can learn about different go-kart models, their specifications, and maintenance requirements, helping you make an educated choice. You can also determine which businesses have real people and real expertise by calling or emailing their sales team before you buy you go cart online.

Warranty and Customer Support: Reputable online sellers often provide warranties and customer support services, ensuring that you have assistance in case of any issues or defects with your go-kart. offers a 12 month warranty on every single go kart absolutely free of charge. Beware of online go kart sellers who offer a paid warranty, or have a warranty policy that doesn't actually cover anything.



However, it's important to exercise caution when buying a go-kart online:

  1. Verify the Seller: Make sure to buy from a reputable and trustworthy online retailer. Use customer reviews and ratings to assess the seller's reliability.Call and speak to a real person and ask questions even if you already know the answer. There are so many online go kart sellers that are scams. But  you can rest assured, we are not like many other online go kart sellers!, or just don't know anything about the go karts, In fact, most of them have never seen a Trailmaster go kart in person. Unfortunately, many websites have popped up in recent years that use the factory stock photos, post basic descriptions online, and then drop ship the go karts without ever having any experience with the machines. While you will receive the correct go kart from the same factory, you will not get any support and the warranty will a joke. The firs time you need help or need to replace a part, you will realize that there is no one to help and you'll have to find a new resource. You can call Victory Powersports any time to speak to an expert and rest assured that we know these machines thoroughly and we stock the parts for everything we sell.

  2. Shipping Costs: Consider any additional shipping or delivery costs associated with your purchase. These costs can vary depending on your location and the size of the go-kart. Free shipping is a necessity when buying go kart online because the freight charges can be $300-500 per kart. Keep in mind, these karts all ship out of Texas, so if you are particularly far or in a remote area, you may have to pay a small fee no matter where you buy from. The upper midwest, and the Pacific Northwest tend to incur much higher freight charges, so that's normal to have to pay a small amount for the shipping.

  3. Returns and Warranty Policies: Familiarize yourself with the return and warranty policies of the seller to know your options if the go-kart arrives damaged or encounters issues later. Actually call their phone number and ask questions. Ask about how the warranty process will work, ask about hypothetical situations to see what exactly they'll cover. Ask about what parts they keep in stock at all time. Make sure the person can give you definitive answer! Don't be shy to ask technical questions to make sure they really know about the kart. Ask about things that are not the basic specs that they could read from a spec sheet.Anyone can read a spec sheet froth factory, but that doesn't show working knowledge of a machine.

  1. Assembly and Maintenance: Some, if not all,  go-karts may require assembly upon arrival. Be prepared to handle this task or seek professional assistance if needed. Additionally, consider the long-term maintenance requirements of your chosen go-kart. Buying a go kart online is only the first step in the process. If the kart will require assembly, ask ahead of time if the company will provide you with instructions and support. It can be an arduous task to assemble a go kart if you've never done it before, so make sure they have excellent support for you in that area.  An experienced shop should have assembled hundreds if not thousands of these karts in person, so they have the real life experience to guide you through it.

Ultimately, whether you buy a go-kart online or in a physical store depends on your preferences, budget, and specific needs. Careful research and due diligence will help you make an informed decision and enjoy the benefits of online shopping while minimizing potential drawbacks.


We get a lot of questions about the process of buying a go kart online, so here's our quick guide to help you understand the process and get more familiar with the products:


Choose your model. Make sure your understand the sizing and options available.



Next, just select the correct model and add it your shopping cart. This process is the same as any other online shopping site. Enter your shipping and billing information and check out. It is especially important to get your shipping address and you PHONE NUMBER correct, as this is the only details that the trucking company will have!


Once you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation email. Your bank will release your funds to us within 24-48 hours. Then we'll schedule the freight for you go kart delivery.


While we wait for the funds and the freight, we go ahead and send you a welcome package for you new go kart. These packages include both fun and educational items and may vary from time to time, but typically include the following:

-instructions for delivery

-contact info

- a paper assembly guide and parts checklist

-a coloring book for the littlest go kart enthusiasts

- bumper sticker for your kart, water bottle, or anything else

- free gifts (may change as items are available, we've included tire pressure gauges, valve stem tools, t shirts, keychains, storage covers and more in the past)

- your warranty card (not necessary to save, but has helpful info for you)

-directions to find our YouTube videos for assembly and basic repairs


Please remember that the freight company is a third party that we hire, so we do not have access to their software or control of their schedule. It can take a couple of days for us to receive the tracing details for your go kart. We request the freight service and once they pick up the go kart, they will issue us a tracing number. We will send you an email with your tracing number and freight company information, several important documents and a pdf download assembly guide. 


Once your kart arrives at your local freight hub, your delivery driver will call you to schedule an appointment. Keep in mind that the delivery will be made by a full size semi truck. If the truck cannot access your address, you may be required to provide a secondary location or pick the kart up at the freight hub with a pickup truck.


Here is the basic process to assemble a go kart. This is for just one particular model, but the process is generally the same for any model



If you still have any questions or concerns, please be sure to call us and talk to a an expert! We can answer technical questions, discuss size, age and ability, give your specs on different models, and help you decide what is right for you and your family!