Trailmaster Go Kart Models Explained

Trailmaster Go Kart Models Explained

Trailmaster has a wide selection of go kart models that is ever expanding with the advent of electric karts. There is a rhyme and reason to the model numbers but it can be difficult to distinguish if you're not sure where to start. Let us walk you through what all the different names, letters and numbers mean so you know what to buy, which parts to purchase, and can understand exactly what you're looking at. 


The go karts that look like small dune buggies have 4 different series that determine the style and shape of the kart. Within each of those 4 series, there are different sizes, packages and features.

Go Kart Series


Bobcat Series: base model go karts

Mini XRS+: mini karts are designed for ages 4-10 with a 5.5hp Honda clone engine. This kart does not have any electrical components.  you'll find bench seat, pull start engine, small but rugged shocks and spindles, and 3 point seatbelts.

Mid XRS: the mid karts are designed for ages 8-12 but can fit adults too, equipped with a 6.5 hp Honda clone engine. This kart does not have electrical components. You'll get a bench seat, lap belts, small spindles and shocks. 

200 XRS: the 200 go karts are an upgrade from the previous 150 karts. Everything is exactly the same except the actual engine, as they upgraded to a 200.  You get all the basic features like headlights, seatbelts, great suspension and a reliable engine with EFI!

300 XRS: This kart is the 200xrs go cart, but with a much larger engine. Everything else is the same, just more power!


Eagle Series: upgraded models with all the options

Mini XRX+: the same mini kart built for a 4 year but with plenty of add-ons: 5 point seatbelts, bucket seats, headlights, horn, remote kill shutoff key fob. Available with or without reverse.


Mid XRX: The all time best selling go kart! Built for ages 8- adult, this kart has everything you need for the whole family. a 6.5 hp engine with electric start and a pull start backup, 5 point safety belts, aggressive tires, heavy duty suspension, canopy top.


200 XRX:  everything you get in the base model PLUS an upper LED light bar, turn signals, aluminum wheels, and a sport style steering wheel. 

300 XRX: The ultimate off-road buggy: this kart is more than just an upgrade to the base's the top-of -the line, jam packed full of features, most powerful and rugged kart we offer. With it's liquid cooled engine, heavy duty CVT and upgraded chain, plus the independent rear suspension, you'll cruise around at 50 mph with the coolest looking machine around.

Blazer Series:  built on the same chassis and drive train as the Eagle series, but with a sportier look and upgrades to tackle more reading style adventure.


Blazer 200R: This kart is a Mid XRX-R, with the added coolness factor of a plastic bumper, hood with graphics and oversized fenders with graphics.

Blazer 200EX: This is a 200 XRX, with performance nitrogen gas shocks, duo-tone racing seats with 4 point racing harnesses, plastic hood, bumper, and flared fenders with awesome graphics.

Blazer 4 200EX:  a 4 seat version of the Blazer 200EX. a second row of buckets seats with safety harnesses built to hold adults. take the whole family for a ride.


Challenger Series: UTVs built for work or play, like a compact side-by-side. The same great engine and transmission as the Eagle series, but with beefier suspension and engineered for harsher terrain and hard work.

200: 200cc enging

300: 300cc engine

E: EFI engine

U: utility version with dump bed and cargo racks

X: the premium version with all the options added on

non U models are sport style UTVs

Options to add on with, extra cargo racks, read bench seat instead of the dump bed, windshield, and extras LED light bars




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